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Guide to cutting ham with a knife

Ham on the bone is a traditional Spanish delicacy. Recommendations If you are NOT going to eat the ham quickly (in 3 or 4 days…

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Summer vegetables – from the field to the table!

Vegetables are a varied and diverse group, in shapes, colours, flavours, etc.

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Ideas for a romantic dinner to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

On February 14th is the day of love and friendship, Valentine’s Day. Although you don’t need a special day to spend time with your partner…

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At what age can children start eating cold meats?

The introduction of babies to new foods usually starts at 6 months and should always be done with great caution, patience, in small quantities and…

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Sandwich for a day trip

Ingredients for 1 sandwich: Walnut bread (2 medium slices, about 50g) Argal Salchichón (3-4 slices) Roasted red and green peppers (about 50g) Roasted onion and…

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Recipe ideas for a summer picnic day

Whether at the beach, in the countryside or even in a water park, it’s time to enjoy the good weather and have fun in the…

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Recipe for gluten and lactose free Argal serrano ham croquettes

Croquettes are the a classic practical recipe, originally being made to use up the leftovers from other dishes, such as meat from a stock, or…

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#Argaldishchallenge Recipe: Puff pastry tartlet with mozzarella, avocado, cherry and Argal serrano Ham by MJ

In the first chapter of “Tradición Al Plato” bloggers Maria José Martínez, author of the blog Las recetas de MJ, and Mar Varela, “Vamos a…

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